6 things you may have missed from the Detroit: Become Human E3 2017 trailer

Detroit: Become Human, the upcoming game from Quantic Dream, has been on the periphery of trade shows for several years now. Every time we get a new glimpse at David Cage's new story-driven title, the overwhelming impression is one of a moody, troubled science-fiction future. But it seems to be treading the familiar humans-versus-robots story with fresh eyes. At E3 2017, the Sony press conference debuted a new trailer that introduces another android character to the cast and sheds a little more light on what we can expect from the gameplay and from the game world.

The cast just got a whole lot hotter

If Marcus looks familiar, it’s because he’s played by actor Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy fame. Even if you didn’t watch the medical drama, you’ve probably seen Williams from his activism work around race and civil rights. He was recognized with the humanitarian award at the 2016 BET Awards.

We haven’t yet tracked down the actress for North, Marcus’ partner in the mission depicted. However, we give her jacket an A+ for style and an F for practicality in Michigan winter. Instant giveaway that she’s not human.

Thank you for shopping at Cyberlife

In one of the trailer’s first lines, Marcus notes that Detroit is home to five Cyberlife stores. In these pristine storefronts, androids are sold akin to MacBooks or iPhones. Those locations will probably be central to some character storylines, especially the ones focused on android liberation.

Touch and sight are powerful

Physical contact is at least one way that androids connect to each other. Just a hand on the shoulder seems to be enough for them to understand the full extent of Marcus and North’s plans for liberating the androids.

Touch also appears to be all an android needs to take charge of any computer-controlled system or to get inside a utility truck. If nothing else, this means that players could really have a whole lot of choices for how to approach in-game situations. Androids' vision gives them good spatial awareness, so they can can assess their surroundings both for stealthy hiding spots, climbing paths, and systems they can hack.

Android "graffiti" is…odd

The sprays left on buildings after the androids get busted out of a Cyberlife store seem more like holograms than actual graffiti. Those digital spray guns they use to put the cog icon up on a building are pretty nifty, though.

Two familiar faces return

Connor, the star of Detroit’s E3 2016 trailer from last year, makes an appearance. So does Kara, the initial face of the game. Both are shown watching a news broadcast about one of the more destructive paths the android liberation effort might take. We’re still curious to see how much the stories presented for each character will connect in the full game.

There will be lots and lots of choices

Towards the end of the trailer, a network of prompts indicates just how many paths might be available as a part of Marcus’ narrative. Most are pretty standard fare for a choice-driven game. Violence or pacifism? Kill or spare? 

However, eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that "Choose your symbol" is a possible action shown at the very end of the trailer. Maybe the cog image that the digital graffiti shows is one of many choices for your revolution’s image? It would certainly be a welcome addition to have some lighter choices among the more somber ones where lives hang in the balance.

One thing you definitely didn’t miss was a release date, because none was given. So we’re still in the dark about when Detroit: Become Human will be finished. Patience, friends. 

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