4 prosthetic pigs, 120,000 needles, and 2 vials of real blood. Saw by numbers is just as disturbing as you'd expect

How many of the Saw movies have you braved your way through? Whether you only managed to watch the searing debut of the horror franchise or are a Saw aficionado, one thing is clear, the series requires a seriously strong stomach and nerves of steel. And it turns out that you'd probably have to have a similar resistance to gore if you were behind the scenes too. The below infographic to celebrate the release of tomorrow's long awaited Jigsaw breaks down some exceptionally bloodstained stats. 

While it's good to know that 238 actors have faced the chop over eight movies, more exciting, not to mention messy, is the fact that more than 25 gallons of fake blood was used in the splattery Saw 3D. When you have to measure the red stuff in the same metric as petrol, you know you're doing something very wrong. In even more disturbing info, Jigsaw actor Tobin Bell donated two vials of his own blood during the promotion of Saw 3. A thousand posters were then created with a mix of his blood and ink, with all proceeds being donated to the Red Cross. Charming.

Finally, 52 disturbing traps have been crafted for the franchise. We all have our, errr, favourites but few are surely more gruesomely terrifying than Saw 3's horrific pig vat where a man was tied to the floor of a vat and drowned in rotting swine carcasses. Mmmm, rotting flesh. Check out more Saw-flavoured nasty in the chart below and if you want even more, Jigsaw is back for more horror on October 26. 

Louise Blain

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