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Saw review

Two men wake up in a dingy bathroom, chained to the pipes. On the floor lies a corpse, a gun and a dictaphone containing some very bad news: one of them must kill the other within eight hours or they'll both buy it. But the only way to escape their chains is by using a hacksaw. On their own ankles...

A pared-down psychological thriller with an ingenious hook, this grubby little B-movie gets straight As for effort. Danny Glover lends some star wattage to the low-key production, as the crusading copper on the trail of the `Jigsaw' killer, but the real drama takes place in the claustrophobic cell where the hapless victims (Cary Elwes and Saw scripter Leigh Whannell) struggle to survive the gruesome game they've been unwittingly volunteered for. Despite the no-budget rough edges, it's a macabre psychotic puzzler with a sadistic streak Se7en miles wide.

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