300 trailer is amazing!

The mystical edge of The Lord Of The Rings, the blood and thunder of Fight Club and as visually epic as anything you’ll ever witness – and that’s just from the trailer.

300 is based on the graphic novel of Sin City scribbler and co-helmer Frank Miller and follows the ancient conflict of Thermopylae. The battle saw 300 Spartans engage in a ferocious confrontation against the might and numbers of the Persian army.

Helmed by Dawn Of The Dead lenser, Zack Snyder, the cast includes Phantom Of The Opera star Gerard Butler and The Wire actor Dominic West.

Snyder has also signed on the line to helm the adaptation of cult graphic novel The Watchmen – feast your eyes on the 300 trailer and let us know if you think Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s classic anti-superhero scribbles are in safe hands, over at the forum.

300 will arrive in cinemas in March next year, to view the trailer, click here .

Source: ( Apple Trailers )