3 Days of Spider-Man 3 - Heroes and Villains

Guest Appearances

Some of Spider-Man’s enemies have made continual guest appearances in the Spider-Man games. Although they won’t pop up in the film, we’re betting you can expect a few boss appearances from the ranks of the following reprobates.

The Vulture - Adrian Toomes, an elderly man who looks a bit like Larry David with a pair of wings.

The Scorpion - Often likes to fling his big tail around.

Electro - Can control electricity.

Doc Ock - The big baddie of Spider-Man 2, of course, but will he make a cameo appearance?

Black Cat - Not strictly a villain, although she did lead Spider-Man on in Spider-Man 2.

Rhino - Big, dumb Aleksei Sytsevich can always be relied on to stun himself by running into walls.

Shocker - Fires blasts of compressed air from his hi-tech gauntlets.