3 Days of Spider-Man 3 - Heroes and Villains



Real name: Eddie Brock
Origins: Came into existence when the symbiote once attached to Spider-Man bonded with Brock.
Powers: Shares many with Spider-Man as the symbiote developed while attached to the webslinger, which means Venom possesses superhuman strength, incredible agility and wall crawling ability. Venom can animate any part of the suit so he lashes out with tentacle-like appendages.
Motivation: Both Eddie Brock and the symbiote have a real problem with Peter Parker/Spider-Man, andthey take great pleasure in tormenting him.
Weaknesses: Is vulnerable to sonic and thermal attacks.

Green Goblin 2

Real name: Harry Osborne (we assume)
Origins: This is being kept under wraps for the moment, but given Harry’s discovery of his father’s Green Goblin gear at the end of Spider-Man 2, we reckon he utilizes it all to get his revenge on Peter Parker and Spider-Man, who he knows killed his dad. (To be fair to Spider-Man, the Green Goblin was obviously insane). In the comics, Harry also assumed his late father’s role as the Green Goblin, and another character, Roderick Kingsley, adopted the Green Goblin’s modus operandi as his own and became the Hobgoblin.
Powers: Should Harry take the Green Goblin formula his dad created, he’ll gain super-strength. He’s also got a sweet Goblin Glider, Pumpkin Bombs and other assorted weapons.
Motivation: To take revenge on Spider-Man for the death of his father.
Weaknesses: He’s tough and strong, but he’s just some guy on a flying skateboard.