25 Transformers we don't want to see in the movies

6. Mindwipe

The Terrible Transformer: Thought Transformers were all scientific circuit boards and hard-wiring? Not so - Mindwipes primary weapon in his arsenal is his ability to hypnotise his opponents. Thats right, hypnotism is a thing that works in the Transformers universe.

Worst Detail: He also turns into a giant bat, but seriously, hypnotism? Imagine the scene: Optimus Prime is leading a troop into battle with the Decepticons. Lasers are blasting, buildings are exploding, giant robot machines are dealing out death at every turn. And then he turns to see Mindwipe standing over Ironhide, who is on all fours rolling over and barking like a dog.

5. Rewind

The Terrible Transformer: An Autobot archivist whose main skill is to spout facts and trivia about literally everything but, more often than not, only coming up with important, useful information when its too late.

Worst Detail: How useful is his skill really? Heres hoping that Michael Bays Transformers have all been fitted with at least 3G and know how to Google on themselves.

4. Rippersnapper

The Terrible Transformer: A Decepticon who, by rights, should be the most badass character in the whole Transformers universe by the virtue of the fact that he turns into a shark, and sharks are awesome.

Worst Detail: Sadly, his shark disguise isnt fooling anyone. He is a big metal fish with tiny arms and massive legs and a clumsy gun strapped to his back. He doesnt even look like he can swim.

3. Reflector

The Terrible Transformer: Three smaller Transformers--Viewfinder, Spyglass and Spectro--combine to make up Reflector, a Decepticon whose key skill is just watching others. He observes and spies and blackmails, traits that make sense considering his awesome disguise as a... er... camera.

Worst Detail: In the intergalactic Cybertronian war, you have to imagine that the guy who can only turn into a camera was the last to be picked by either side. What can Reflector offer in a battle to the death that the Autobots cant get from, say, an iPhone?

2. Wheelie

The Terrible Transformer: There was a little character called Wheelie in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen but, for all of his annoying mischief-making, thank Unicron he bore no resemblance to the original Wheelie, who is generally regarded as the worst Transformer in the history of Cybertron.

Worst Detail: Its a toss-up between the fact that he only ever spoke in rhyme for some ungodly reason and that he fought Decepticons, not with guns or lasers like everyone else, but with a small catapult. Imagine trying to defeat evil Decepticon overlord Megatron by sending Dennis the Menace after him.

1. Sky Lynx

The Terrible Transformer: An arrogant Autobot with no reason to be. He looks like he wandered out of Salvador Dalis acid trip and immediately fell over, breaking himself forever.

Worst Detail: All of his disguises. Yes all of them. He transforms from a space shuttle on a crawler into two separate entities--a prehistoric bird and a lynx - both of which look about as realistic as a tamagotchi. They then combine again to make a super prehistoric lynx-bird, which just isn't even a thing. He doesnt have a normal robot position either - those are his only options: space shuttle, or a badly-constructed creature designed by someone who has clearly never been to a zoo.