25 Transformers we don't want to see in the movies

16. Repugnus

The Terrible Transformer: While always an Autobot, Repugnus is a somewhat disgraced Transformer who is only called up to service to perform less savoury tasks, adding a confusing moral grey area for young children who really just want to see robots smash each other in the face.

Worst Detail: He turns into a... we want to say crab? A crab monster? Brundlefly?

15. Omega Supreme

The Terrible Transformer: The Autobots last line of defence, this gigantic titan of a Transformer disguises himself as a massive space shuttle, that is then connected to a track, so he has to be stationary at all times when not in robot mode.

Worst Detail: The fact that he is three times bigger than the majority of Decepticons and could presumably crush many of them with just a kick of his big size-600 feet, but Optimus prefers to keep him as a reserve. Oh no, dont break out the big guns just yet, Autobots, you have to earn the victory first.

14. Seaspray

The Terrible Transformer: His ability to turn into an armoured boat for those all-important water battles might seem like a useful asset, but it basically just makes Seaspray the Autobot equivalent of Aquaman.

Worst Detail: The fact that he always talks in a gurgly voice as if under water. Always. Even when on land. You cant tell us that its not just a bit of faulty wiring that can be easily fixed.

13. Perceptor

The Terrible Transformer: A scientifically-minded Autobot with a giant missile cannon on his shoulder. Awesome, right? Not when you realise that...

Worst Detail: He changes into a giant microscope. To a kid, hes the Transformer equivalent of homework.

12. Cosmos

The Terrible Transformer: One of the original cartoon Transformers, Cosmos is not much of a fighter, choosing instead to orbit the earth and run important space errands. But his role in the team was deemed entirely redundant once it was established that all the Transformers can pretty fly up to and around space whenever they want anyway.

Worst Detail: His inconspicuous disguise as a flying saucer. Great job blending in on Earth, Cosmos.

11. Swerve

The Terrible Transformer: A witty, sarcastic, often annoying Autobot from the classic age who is a notorious bad shot, but its ok because he has another skill that makes him even more useless.

Worst Detail: Swerve is a metallurgist. Which means that he studies metal and can easily detect metal, which is really handy when youre already made of the stuff. Its even more mindboggling when you think that he has come from the planet Cybertron, where EVERYTHING IS MADE OF METAL.

10. Squawkbox

The Terrible Transformer: One of Soundwaves mini-cassette combiners, joining together Beastbox and Squawtalk to form an entirely new obsolete-formatted Decepticon who is a keen musician.

Worst Detail: Squawbox has a very specific, entirely useless, role in combat. His job is - and were not kidding - to provide horrible music during battle in order to distract and disorient the Autobots. Even if that could work, whatever he plays is also heard by the Decepticons, making the whole idea more and more pointless the more you think about it.

9. Computron

The Terrible Transformer: A spaceship (Scattershot), a motorbike (Afterburner), another spaceship (Strafe), a car (Lightspeed) and a tank (Nosecone) all combine their awesome abilities together to form this giant Transformer, whose key skill is... data analysis.

Worst Detail: A giant robot from space who comes to earth and his greatest contribution is tactical strategy? Its a wonder that Scattershot, Afterburner, Strafe, Lightspeed and Nosecone dont agree to just always stay separated.

8. Optimus Primal

The Terrible Transformer: The leader of the Maximals in the Beast Wars who sounds like he exists purely for the purposes of a pun on the good Autobot name.

Worst Detail: He turns into a gorilla. This simply cannot be allowed in Michael Bays movie universe for fear of millions of audience members across the world shouting Noooo! TRUKK NOT MUNKY at the big screen.

7. Metroplex

The Terrible Transformer: When all the other Transformers picked cars and planes and helicopters for their disguises, Metroplex went one better and transformed into an entire city. Because, in a world filled with giant robots, he is the giant-est.

Worst Detail: Not knowing whats worse: Metroplex disguising himself as a creepy unpopulated mega-city, or that there might be actually people living and shopping and driving all around him and no one knows what happens to them when he transforms into a robot.