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25 London Movie Locations

The fancy place - Mona Lisa (1986)

In the film: Scuzzy nobody George drives high-class working girl Simone to expensive hotels and addresses all over London, but none more glamorous - or dangerous - than this brickwork mansion.

The Google view: The distinctive house is actually a private residence on Maze Hill in Greenwich, and probably never plays host to top-dollar prostitutes at all.

Doctor doctor - Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971)

In the film: Peter Finch's groundbreakingly, matter-of-factly homosexual doctor lives in an upstanding area of London with sniffy neighbours and twice too many copies of The Sunday Times.

The Google view: In reality, the doctor's house is located in Pembroke Square in Kensington. A very nice address, although the neighbours' place had the scaffolders in when the Google truck rolled past.

Street theatre - The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus (2009)

In the film: The creakily piled bus-come-travelling-stage of Dr Parnassus and his outlandish troupe sneaks through London's streets and sets up in its shadows. Here it sets up in on one the biggest shadows of all - that cast by Tower Bridge.

The Google view: And here's the real location, smuggled under the bridge in a corner of St Katherine's Way. The film also finds Heath Ledger's Tony hanging from Blackfriars Bridge - famously, the place where Roberto Calvi was also found hanged.

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

In the film: Paddy Considine's refreshingly terrified Guardian hack leaves his central London office to meet up with rogue agent Jason Bourne.

The Google view: Although they look a little like The Guardian's newish fancy King's Place HQ, the building here is actually the Thomson Reuters offices in Hatton Garden.

Running riot - V For Vendetta (2006)

In the film: Juiced up by the promise of fireworks and the fact the government are a bunch of rotters, anonymous ranks of V-supporting dissidents storm parliament wearing black robes and white masks.

The Google view: The mob emerges from Trafalgar Square, before making its way down Whitehall and to Westminster. Geographically sound, although it would probably have taken them a little longer in real life.

Cleaver kiss - Bridget Jones' Diary (2001)

In the film: Our romantic spongecake of a heroine Bridget goes on a smoochy date with bastard boss Daniel Cleaver.

The Google view: The secluded and gentrified-industrial spot in which the pair lock lips is actually Shad Thames near Tower Bridge.