25 Actresses To Play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider Reboot

Lara Begins

With a hugely successful 2013 videogame reboot proving there's still more than a little life left in everyone's favourite non-Indy Raider of Tombs, Lara Croft, the subsequent big screen revamp was all but an inevitability.

And with the game going all Lara Begins on us, by returning her to her younger, non-boob-focused adventure roots, it's be a good bet that the movie will follow suit.

Which got us thinking about who the producers will cast in the raw and gritty role needed to wipe away the cheesetastic memory of Angelina Jolie's two previous outings. Place your bets....

Keira Knightley

Lara Qualities: She's definitely not afraid to mix it up with the scurvier side of society, and she’s nailed the refined English accent in, well, pretty much everything she’s been in.

Potential Plot: Setting out to look for the legendary pirate ship The Black Pearl, Lara discovers the wreckage holds a terrifying curse which misguided villain Mr. D'Arcy believes will find him true love.

Emma Watson

Lara Qualities: Young and English (+2 EXP), and she's shown recently that she's willing to get a little blood and dirt on her hands (see: the last couple o' Potters, This is the End and T he Bling Ring ).

Potential Plot: While on a dig beneath the London Underground, Lara discovers an ancient artifact that is said to possess great evil. Before she can destroy it, war criminal Tom Riddle steals it and holes up in a booby trapped, run-down old boarding school.

Jessica Brown Findlay

Lara Qualities: She’s played the daughter of a Lord before in Downton Abbey and Lara’s father was Lord Croft. If the slightly obvious shoe fits....

Potential Plot: Lara travels back in time to her family estate only to discover life with wimples isn't quite as exciting as she'd hoped. Refusing to conform to what is expected of a Lady, Lara joins the War effort under the pseudonym Mr Downton, and heads off to stop the Nazis getting their hands on The Ark Of The Covenant.

Hayley Atwell

Lara Qualities: Wonderfully, terrifically English - plus Atwell has strong allies across the pond in the shape of some spandex-adoring guy called Captain America . In other more rumour-y news, she’s also actively expressed an interest in playing the role .

Potential Plot: While on an expedition to the Antarctic, Lara discovers a downed World War II bomber buried beneath the ice. But hidden inside is a power source so terrifying that only Lara and her Sweeney team can prevent it falling into the evil clutches of ‘The Duchess’.

Gemma Arterton

Lara Qualities: Handy with bow-like weapons ( Hansel & Gretel ), able to get out of tight spots ( The Disappearance Of Alice Creed ), and thoroughly adept at trekking through deserts ( Prince Of Persia ).

Potential Plot: While on a top-secret mission with a British superspy, Lara is coated in oil and left for dead. But little does MI5 know that Lara is in possession of a time reversing-dagger. Cue explosion-y mishaps.

Laura Haddock

Lara Qualities: Bearing a striking resemblance to a young Angelina Jolie and rocking a quintessentially English presence, The Inbetweeners ' star is a natural fit.

Potential Plot: On an excursion to get away from it all, Lara heads off on a sun-kissed holiday – only to be set upon by a ruthless albeit mentally challenged group of sexually crazed feral teenagers.

Emily Blunt

Lara Qualities: If Miss Blunt managed to survive Gulliver’s Travels , we’re pretty sure she can survive anything.

Potential Plot: Lara finds herself working for a ruthless magazine editor but soon meets a man claiming to be a time travelling ‘Looper’ who shows old Crofty how to travel back in time to prevent the big boss from becoming so bitter and twisted.

Mila Kunis

Lara Qualities: Oozes seductiveness with natural ease, and can deliver a snarky one liner with style.

Potential Plot: When a rival Tomb Raider, known only as ‘The Black Swan’, starts beating her to all the best finds, Lara has no choice but to turn to a former lover, and his sidekick Ted, to help her best the mysterious rival.

Jennifer Lawrence

Lara Qualities: Umm, it’s Jennifer Lawrence, she can do ANYTHING. Plus, thanks to The Hunger Games , she’s also pretty handy with the new incarnation of Lara Croft’s weapon of choice: a bow and arrow.

Potential Plot: Having been locked in a psychiatric ward for years Lara escapes to wreak revenge on her terrifying nemesis, Donald Sutherland. But no sooner is she out than old Donald throws her into a deathmatch that forces Lara to team with another devilishly handsome patient to survive.