15 Actors To Play James Bond

Ryan Gosling

We're pretty much only including Gosling as he's our favourite bloke in the movies right now.

Sure, he's Canadian. Sure, he's blonder than Craig. And sure, he's more into doing indie flicks than blockbusting franchises, but stranger things have happened. Christian Bale played Batman for goodness sake - who would have called that ten years ago?

Shaky Or Stirring? Shaky. This one only exists entirely in our imagination.

Ewan McGregor

McGregor was considered for 007 in 2005, but the producers decided that he was too short to fit the required height of Bond.

At 5ft 10 inches McGregor was considered around an inch and a half shy of ideal height.

But we're hoping they're prepared to reconsider that stance.

After Fassbender, McGregor is definitely the best candidate to bring a Sean Connery vibe back to the role.

Shaky Or Stirring? Well, according to the producers the Trainspotting star is simply too much of a short arse (we're paraphrasing). So, shaky.

Clive Owen

Every time producers are on the hunt for a new Bond it seems Clive’s name gets bandied about, but nothing ever materialises.

Maybe it's time to give him a chance, he has got the charm to pull it off.

Shaky Or Stirring? Shaky. He's been mentioned so many times in association with the part, you've got to assume he's offended the Broccoli estate at some point. We like him, but someone at MI5 clearly doesn't.

Robert Pattinson

Pattinson has previously made clear in interviews that he loves 007.

Daniel Craig has also mentioned that he thinks the Brit could be next in line to play the role.

We're mentioning it because we'd like to see our comment boards explode with anger.

Shaky Or Stirring? Shaky. Definitely shaky. We're pretty sure the Internet would detonate if Pattinson was announced as the next Bond.

Colin Farrell

Pierce Brosnan tipped Farrell as the next Bond, but Farrell says he wants nothing to do with project.

"The idea of me playing James Bond got into the press, but it is not true. I would not like to do it," said Farrell. "They should find someone the audience has no history with."

Shaky Or Stirring? We think he'd be brilliant, but we're now going to render this whole list entirely pointless by saying we actually agree with him. We reckon a newcomer would be the ideal choice for the next Bond. Craig's going to be a hard act to follow.

But who do you think should put on James' tux? Tell us below!