The craziest GTA videos... Part 2

The one with Dave Chapelle 'doing' GTA

Yes, yet another 'real' GTA. But at least this is a good illustration of how Rockstar's crimeathon is so well known it can be the butt of a mainstream comedy show sketch. That said, given the oddly placed laughs, we're pretty sure the audience was lobotomised before seeing the skit...

The one with the helpful distinctions

Ever been confused about whether you are or aren't playing GTA? Then here's the perfect video for you. You mental.

The one with the Lego conversion

While we love this video, it only leaves us feeling sad. Because no matter how much we want it, there'll never be a LEGO Grand Theft Auto game. Sob.

The one with all the glitches

This might involve cheats/hacks/smashing consoles with hammers, but who cares when the results are this amusingly odd?