Sundance Update: Loop loved and Bronson's brutal

This year’s Sundance Festival is slowly starting to wind down as we approach the final weekend, but there was still time for some films to sell and others to generate buzz.

First off, a little British pride as Armando Iannucci’s political farce got snapped up by US company IFC Films. A comedy of errors in the style of The Thick Of It, the movie stars James Gandolfini, Tom Hollander and Thick’s own Peter Capaldi.

And that was despite the fact that it didn’t even officially screen until Thursday night…


Not yet sold, but grabbing some healthy reviews was Bronson, the based-on-reality tale of Britain’s “most violent prisoner”, Michael Peterson, who took on the personality of Charles Bronson.

According to Cinematical, star Tom Hardy delivers, “one of the roughest, rawest, and most powerfully commanding performances in a long time”, drawing favourable comparisons with Eric Bana’s work in Chopper. This’ll be one to watch out for.

Finally, there’s Robin Williams in World’s Greatest Dad, a decidedly twisted tale of a father whose son accidentally kills himself.

To avoid embarrassment, Williams fakes a suicide note, which then takes on a life of its own as everyone suddenly loves his once-obnoxious dead brat of a teenager. Did we mention it was twisted?

[Source: THR / Cinematical ]



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