The best Star Wars merchandise in the galaxy

It's another seriously big year for those with an affinity for the Force. Star Wars 8 is arriving in December, while on the game side of things, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is serving up an all new campaign and multiplayer across every era of Star Wars. The good thing is if you can't wait until the releases later this year, there's Star Wars merchandise everywhere

Magnets, bottle openers, t-shirts, mugs. You name it, you can buy it with BB-8 on it.  While that's all very well. We know you want something with a bit more class. Proper Star Wars merchandise that you can be proud to own. Without further ado, or any more arguments about who shot first, here's the very best Star Wars merchandise you can buy right now. Happy shopping!

Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker 

Set the scene. You've got a full night of Star Wars home entertainment planned. Rogue One is sitting there in its Blu-ray (Rey?) package just waiting to be unwrapped. Which snacks are going to make the cut? Crisps are out of the question, chocolate doesn't feel like the right choice. You need popcorn and you need popcorn that's been fired from the Death Star now. This absurdly cool popcorn machine doesn't just look good, it doesn't even need oil and only uses the power of air to explode those kernels. Or the Force. You could totally pretend it's the Force.  Oh, and the top half is removable and you can use it as a bowl. Win. 

Buy it UK/US: £38.56/$49.99 from ThinkGeek

Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Maker

Ok, this entire list isn't just about food but this is a waffle maker that makes BB-8 happen on your plate. What more could you want? Officially licensed and with a non stick cooking plates, this is a charming and delicious offering, complete with on off switch and indicators that will let you know when BB-8 is ready to eat. No, really, don't feel guilty. Now pass me that maple syrup. 

Buy it UK/US: Save 55% and get it for £13.94/$17.99 from ThinkGeek

Darth Vader Rolling Luggage

Everyone should be able to walk through the airport with the Imperial March following them wherever they go. Just think how dark and imposing you'll be as you strut through the departures lounge with four 360 degree spinning wheels and an aluminium telescopic handle. Plus, there are benefits to being on the Dark Side as this suitcase fits as cabin size so doesn't even need to go in the hold. Victory is yours. 

Buy it UK/US: Save 50% and get it for £31/$39.99 from ThinkGeek

Star Wars: Where's The Wookiee?

Who needs Wally or Waldo when there's a Wookiee to be found? Incredibly, there's even an actual plot excuse as Chewie is hunted down by the Empire and you have to spot him on each page before the best bounty hunters in the galaxy find him instead. There's even plenty of other characters to spot once you've seen everyone's favourite Wookiee on each page. 

Buy it UK: £3.99 from Amazon
Buy it US: $8.99 from Amazon

Rogue One 10-Piece Character Set

Want to own all the characters from the new movie in one, very handy box? Good - this is for you. Just make sure Jyn and Krennic are kept well apart... they don't like each other much.

Buy it UK: £25 from Amazon
Buy it US: $22.89 from Amazon

Lego Star Wars - U-Wing Set

The U-Wing is the new Rebel craft in Rogue One. Why not build your own out of Lego with this kit? You can pop it right next to your Lego X-Wing, Lego TIE-Fighter, and Lego Jar Jar.

Buy it UK: £59.99 from Amazon
Buy it US: $53.99 from Amazon

R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

Bored of slicing your quattro formaggi with a revolving Enterprise, which has been the default sci-fi pizza partitioner for years now? Buy yourself an R2-D2 pizza cutter and cut through that crust like a lightsaber through Sith Lords.

Buy it UK: £19.99 from Amazon
Buy it US: $10.94 from Amazon

BB-8 Interactive Talking Figure

As much as we love K2SO, he isn't very 'toy friendly'. BB-8 is, though, and you can get your own interactive talking version, which will beep, squeak, spin and roll his way into your heart.

Buy it UK: £34.96 from Amazon
Buy it US: $40.49 from Amazon

Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition PS4

You can't go wrong with this ultimate Star Wars gaming gift. Not only does the brand new, 500GB PS4 Slim come with a copy of Lego: The Force Awakens, it also throws in a cheeky copy of the movie on Blu-ray too. That's a lot of Star Wars for your money. If you're buying in the US, you can get the console with Star Wars Battlefront instead.

Buy it UK: £249.99 from Amazon
Buy it US: $398.88 from Amazon

Dog Tags

Fancy enlisting in the Galactic Empire? Maybe you want to show your support for the baddies without actually signing up? Ok, try these surprisingly tasteful Star Wars dog tags.

Buy it UK: £30.94 from Amazon
Buy it US: $35.73 from Amazon

R2-D2 Beanie Hat

If you fancy something Star Wars-themed to keep you warm this winter there's this R2-D2 woolly hat that comes in a variety of sizes from baby droid to old-enough-to-know-better droid.

Buy it UK: £18.38 from Amazon
Buy it US: $17.99 from Amazon

Golf Club Covers

If a birdie is one under par and an eagle two under par, what the hell is a Millennium Falcon? That's when you do all 18 holes in under 12 parsecs presumably. While you're pondering that, protect your clubs with these Yoda and Chewbacca golf club head covers.

Buy it UK: £60.51 from Amazon
Buy it US: $24.95 from Amazon