Skyrim Word Wall location and shout guide

Track down every Word Wall and maximize your shouts in Skyrim

The one thing that truly sets the Dovahkiin apart from the rest of those mortals who walk the land is his ability to harness the Thu’um, Shouts. By speaking in the ancient language of the dragons the Dragonborn is able to unleash destructive effects onto their foes. These are the birthright of the hero as well as potentially his greatest tools in the battle against Alduin. However you’re going to have to work for most of these as only a small few of them are earned by following the main storyline; all three words for five Shouts will make their way to you as well as one word for two others to be precise.

Learning to use your Shouts is the key to excelling in Skyrim. A level one Shout isn’t much to write home about effect wise but it recharges rapidly enough for you to reuse it in the same fight. The higher level Shouts are more effective but they recharge significantly slower the more words you use. This means that any time you use a Shout it’s important to judge just how much power you need behind that Shout. With that said be sure to experiment with the various abilities these Shouts can confer. Finding a few that really resonate with your playing style and using them when the situation calls for it is a large part of the power the Dovahkiin possesses.

Take note that each of these areas are listed by name only so as to avoid spoilers but the pages themselves may indeed have spoilers listed.

Ancient’s Ascent

Word: Animal Allegiance

Location: In the mountains east of Falkreath and southwest of Helgen

There are only two ways to reach this Dragon roost / Word Wall. The first is to pass through Bonechill Passage, a cave at the foot of the mountain and the second is by climbing up the mountain through running and leaping. If you go through Bonechill Passage it’s a short cave with only a Frost Troll inside. Going over the mountain will often get you attacked by a Dragon which is useful if you want the soul. It also allows you to get the drop on the Dragon at its roost as it will be resting and vulnerable to a spell or arrow attack. Then just slide down the cliff face to reach the battle.


Word: Animal Allegiance

Location: West of Riften, Southeast of Ivarstead

This area isn’t that big but it can be confusing. You’ll need to flip two levers to open up a gate in the main chamber but getting to these requires passing through small side tunnels. It’s a fairly simple dungeon but things may be quite difficult if you come here at a high level like is done in the video. Many of the basic Draugr will be turned into highly upgraded versions that are more than capable of giving you a bad day.

Upon entering the catacombs you will meet a woman, Medresi Dran, who offers to split the loot with you if you clear out the undead. She has a key that is necessary if you want to proceed through this dungeon so you’ll either need to agree to help her, pickpocket the key or just kill her then loot it off of her body. In what is very likely a glitch killing her has led to her not having a key to loot a few times so agreeing to help her is probably the simplest way to proceed.

Realistically speaking this isn’t the most useful of your Shouts. It’s only really helpful if you’re fighting a Dragon and want to pull a Cave Bear, Sabre Cat or (much later) a Mammoth to your side. Even then you’re probably better off with Marked for Death or a damage dealing Shout. But it’s tough coming in here later on so if you’re going for 100% completion it’s probably best to come here before it’s full of Draugr Deathlords and Overlords.

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