Skyrim Word Wall location and shout guide

Track down every Word Wall and maximize your shouts in Skyrim

Autumnwatch Tower

Word: Marked for Death

Location: Southeast of Ivarstead, just inside the mountainous area

Dragon roost. This dragon rests on top of the secondary tower not the one that your quest marker will point out to you although sneaking up on him is nigh impossible. The video is included because it’s easy to miss the small bridge that leads to the word wall otherwise this is a simple word to acquire.

If you’re a melee oriented character it is advised that you go for this word as soon as possible since it really degrades your targets defensive abilities. Enemies will fall incredibly fast if hit with a level 2 or 3 Marked for Death Shout and then having a powerful, enchanted weapon used on them. Even Dragons will fall rapidly before your power.

Bleak Falls Barrow

Word: Unrelenting Force

Location: Northwest of Riverwood up at the top of the mountain

You’re going to end up in Bleak Falls Barrow in one of two ways: following the main storyline or helping the people out in the Riverwood Trader. Either way this is a pretty simple dungeon that will challenge the low level characters who end up seeking out its secrets.

It’s not very hard in the beginning when you’re dealing with the bandits but eventually you will hear someone calling out for help, this leads to trouble. In the next room is a freaking huge Frostbite Spider. Most players will have their first deaths at the hands of this thing since it’s quick, hits hard and can poison you. One strategy involves pulling out of the room repeatedly and then shooting arrows or spells at it but if that’s not for you than just do whatever it takes. Throw potions down like a madman if you must as this is one of the most challenging fights you’re likely going to have for quite some time.

When you reach the door with the hole in it for the odd key and the three spinning wheels go into your inventory and examine the Golden Claw you got from Arvel for the combination. The Word Wall is beyond said door as well as the Dragonstone you needed for the main quest to continue.

Bonestrewn Crest

Word: Frost Breath

Location: In the mountains south of Windhelm.

Dragon roost. In this case you’re almost certain to fight this dragon long before reaching his roost due to the wide radius he flies around in. The word wall is very easy to reach and it gives you one of the better words so be sure to go for this one early on.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Word: Marked for Death

Location: West of Falkreath.

The only way to get inside is to either join or destroy the Dark Brotherhood. This requires you to follow the Aventus Arentino rumor / quest before the offer is given. Once you’ve gotten inside of the Sanctuary the wall is basically right in front of you, up some stairs. It’s pretty hard to miss.

Dead Crone Rock

Word: Dismay

Location: Southwest of Markarth

This Forsworn stronghold is guarded by plenty of them as well as a Hagraven. To even get to it you must pass through Hag Rock Redoubt, a small outdoor area and then into Dead Crone Rock. Since this location is part of a quest, namely the Pieces of the Past quest involving Mehrune’s Razor, it’s best to grab that quest from Dawnstar and then come here since it will be on your map at that point. Otherwise you’ll have to search for it through the mountains while fending off Forsworn.

The location is fairly simple in and of itself, consisting of defeating a number of Forsworn before using the exit to the upper area. Here you’re faced with a tough Hagraven named Drascua along with her soul gem traps. Killing her grants you access to the Word Wall.

Dead Men’s Respite

Word: Whirlwind Sprint

Location: Southwest of Morthal, directly south of Solitude

Do not enter this location until you have accepted the “Tending the Flames” quest from the Bards College. One of the doors in this dungeon must be opened by an NPC but he will sometimes not do so unless you have that quest in your journal. It’s not worth taking the risk of being stuck there so simply start that quest up then come back to this location. Even if you don’t plan on joining the bards it’s still safer to pick up the quest and then simply never turn in the quest item.

This dungeon can be a bit difficult since you need to hit a bunch of switches, find a treasure to open a door and then navigate past plenty of tough Draugr.

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