Silverfall - hands-on

You're going to start playing Silverfall now, alright? Hey, don't give us that look. This game is the Diablo for 2007. It's all medieval and stuff. Stretch your mouse fingers and go.

Click. Ooooh, you hit that zombie with a fireball. Yay. Click, click. Uh oh, sword-swinging time. Click, click, click. Yeah, bow and arrow. Clickity-click. Now the lightning spell. Clickin'-up the click.

You've slogged in for seven hours now, and though the world is chained within the omnipresent goblins/elves/mages theme that's strangling creative thought in PC gaming, the art guys sliced open their craniums to spill some attractive enemies and scenery, dipped in a kind of cel-shaded love.

And if you care about more than looks (you shallow bastard), this Silverfall software thingy might stimulate you even more. The game forces you to endlessly debate yourself - would you like to massage a microchip or make-out with a leaf? You see, it's all a sort of Wrestlemania between technology and nature. You've got an open-ended pile of quests and more quests, and every adventure you choose determines which of the 130 skills, spells or techniques you'll wield. Are you an organic mage who helps the shady little animal folk reclaim their greenery? Or are you a techno-fetishist who humps out shiny guns and gadgets?


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