Rockstar patches GTA 5, lists GTA Online bugs

A GTA 5 patch has been released to address a number of single-player bugs, while Rockstar says it’s working day and night to fix a number of known issues with GTA Online, the game’s newly launched multiplayer component.

The GTA 5 patch addresses disappearing vehicles, interface issues and an inability to generate in-game cash. It also delivers fixes for Epsilon Program missions not progressing properly, the Atomic Blimp sometimes not appearing as a phone contact, and escape and collision issues, among other bugs.

Additionally, the studio confirmed a known list of GTA Online issues (listed below) following yesterday’s launch.

"We are continuing to look into these issues and are working around the clock on resolving them as quickly as possible," Rockstar said. "This includes close monitoring of our support systems, forums, social media, and in-game data to measure traffic along with community sentiment to ensure ongoing improvements to stability."

Rockstar is yet to comment on reports that some users, including OXM journalist Jon Blyth, have had single player save data overwritten since playing GTA Online. The studio says it’s currently looking to address the following issues.

  • Occasional "Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable" error message
  • Freezing sometimes while loading into first race in GTAO with "waiting for other players" on the screen
  • Intermittent "Failed to Host a GTA Online Session" error messages
  • Race Corona (start area, marker) occasionally not showing up for first race
  • Errors saying "Timed out when matchmaking for a compatible GTA Online Session to join"
  • Occasional errors about jobs failing to start or load
  • General issues with the Social Club site and Social Club features
  • Misc. network and server-related error messages, disconnections, or cloud server errors
  • Errors saying "Mission Failed" as soon as the mission begins during a session


  • Swedish_Chef - October 2, 2013 8:42 a.m.

    Rockstar can you please fix some of the streaming/pop-in issues on the downloadable and some retail copies (including my own) of the PS3 version of the game (I am unsure if the 360 version suffers from as many issues in this regard), a little bit of pop-in is to be expected in a game as massive as this but having entire buildings and the floor dissapear from existence is just plain unacceptable.
  • MaskedPheasant - October 2, 2013 9:13 a.m.

    I don't think they'll be able to fix that due to the way the whole game loads. Essentially because the game is so big the PS3's hard drive does not have enough bandwidth to send all the data at an playable rate, hence the retail copy had an 8GB install: simultaneously transferring separate data from the game disc and hard-drive, thus using a combined bandwidth of the two that was big enough. One thing that might fix it is by transferring the 8GB game data utility (if that is filed separately in the XMB) from the hard drive to a memory stick, as the game will be able to combine bandwidths again. Considering the speed of flash memory it may even be faster than the retail version if this works.
  • SirManguydude - October 2, 2013 9:17 a.m.

    Did you install the disc? Basically the problem with Pop-In texture is if the disc is downloaded. If you do the regular install that the game prompts when you start it up, you should be fine. How GTAV works is that some objects are on the install on the Hard drive, and some are on the disc. This means that GTAV simultaneously draws from both, which means it is not over working one or the other, in order to have all textures displayed properly. The only problem I have had is when flying down a highway in a maxed out infernus, as sometimes the textures cannot load fast enough.
  • MaskedPheasant - October 2, 2013 11:40 a.m.

    The disc install is true for 360, not PS3. Besides he downloaded it anyway.

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