Puppeteer head locations guide

Act 3: All That Glitters

Curtain 1

29: Jolly Lambham

Hit the three paintings of the ship before going up to the deck. Once the third painting is hit, the head will appear.

30: Fishing Rod

Just after the first blowfish that is hanging from the ceiling, hit the fishing pole on the wall with Pikarina.

31: Balloonfish

Hit the 5 different blowfish that expand in the hull then open the chest immediately after them with the blowfish on it.

32: Shark

When you are passing the tidal waves on the deck with the large tuna, you will see a spot for the fishing rod to attach. Use the Fishing Rod head there to receive the Shark.

33: Sword

The first time you arrive on the ships mast, there will be a sword stuck in the upper left side. Hit it with Pikarina to make it pop out.

34: Treasure Chest

Once you defeat the Jolly Roger Weaver, this will be your reward.

Curtain 2

35: Sushi

Hit the table of food in front of the God of the Sea and this will fly out towards you.

36: Squid

Hit the first squid right at the start before jumping on it to go for a ride.

37: Jellyfish

You will come to three small jelly fish with another below them. Hit all four for the head to drop out.

38: Octopus

Once you defeat General Octopus you will receive this head.

Curtain 3

39: Submarine

Once you talk to the witch you will receive this.

40: Crab

Hit the crowd of crabs to the left of the start of the climb up the ramped hill. They will move towards you and drop the head.

41: Sheep

Once you have cut the Robo-Crab in half, hit the Sheep with Pikarina before hitting Square.

42: Pig

Once you have cut the Robo-Crab in half, hit the Pig with Pikarina before hitting Square.