Project Gotham Racing 4 locations revealed

In the latest studio update on its website, Project Gotham Racing developer Bizarre Creations has confirmed the line-up of cities that will feature in the upcoming PGR4. The locations are as follows:

• Macau, China
• Las Vegas, USA
• London, England
• St Petersburg, Russia
• Tokyo, Japan
• New York City, USA
• Shanghai, China
• Quebec, Canada
Nurburgring, Germany
• Michelin Test Track

At first glance, fans of the previous game may feel a little short changed, seeing that Tokyo, Vegas, New York, London and Nurburgring all make a return. However, Bizarre insists that enough changes have been made to ensure that each one should feel significantly different, including: changes to the placement of barriers and rumble strips, a new weather system that dramatically alters how a circuit must be driven, and the introduction of motorbikes and new game modes.

For a more in-depth run down of the ten race locations in PGR4 and the various tinkerings that will affect gameplay, head over to Bizarre Creations' site.

July 30, 2007


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