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Monster Rancher 4 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Monster Rancher 4 Cheats

  • Monsters

    You can only get some monsters from the shrine and generating monsters from Cd's, Dvd's, computer games, and other PS1 or PS2 games.
    Front mission 3-Joker
    Kessen II-Raiden
    Monster Rancher 3-NightSickle
    Alien vs. Predator Extinction-Moose
    Monster Rancher 4-Garu
    Mr. Deeds-Henger
    Dynasty Warriors 3-MalincaRin
    Armored Core 3-Plant
    Tekken 4-Battleleon
    The Sims-MochiMonk
    Dark cloud 2-***
    Action Replay Max-GameProbot
    Submitted by None
  • Extra Monsters

    You can only get some monsters from the shrine and generating monsters from Cd's, Dvd's, computer games, and other PS1 or PS2 games.
    Dino Zuum/Unknown Playstation game Monster Rancher 1
    Dolaine Antlan/Unknown Playstation2 game Kingdom hearts
    Goku Garu/Unknown Playstation2 game Dragon Ball Z Budokai
    GuanYuDuck Ducken/Unknown Playstation2 game Grand Theft Auto 3
    Joker Joker/Joker CD Silent Hill 3 soundtrack
    Kagenmusha Duran/Unknown Playstation2 game Omnimusha 2
    Kasumi Pixies/Unknown Playstation2 game Kasumi
    Miku Pixie/Unknown Playstation2 game Fatal Frame
    MushTan Plant/Unknown PC game Most computer games
    Nightsickle Ripper/Unknown Playstation2 game
    Final Fantasty 10
    Submitted by Sibbie1203
  • Pipo Ape

    To get the powerful Pipo Ape monster, you need to regenerate a Ape Escape 2 disc from the shrine. It has somewhat high power but it's intelligence is only a 10
    Submitted by None
  • Raise Stats a Lot Higher

    When you are at the farm scold your monster a little bit till it gets frustrated. When it stops being frustrated it will still work harder. Since your monster will be mad it will train harder. When it is less than LV. 11 for a stat it won't get 100% success rate but when it does its stat can start raising around +20 when it trains. Just don't praise it.
    Submitted by MasterGamer
  • Kasumi Pix

    Dead or Alive 2:Hardcore- Will give you a pixie dressed like Kasumi.
    Submitted by MIPSY 30909-30909
  • Bargest / Lilim

    To get a Bargest first freeze both a joker and a tiger (any tiger or joker will work) than combine them to get a bargest. To get a Lilim freeze a joker and a pixie ( again any type will do) than combine them to get a Lilim.
    Submitted by ZellHighwind
  • Joker

    To get a Joker revive the monster from the Simpsons Hit and Run PS2 disk. You don't have to unlock it first like in Monster Rancher 3 either
    Submitted by ZellHighwind
  • Unlock Dragon

    Put In The Shrek Disc 2 And You Will Unlock The Dragon
    Submitted by Enix
  • How to get Jelaydon

    Enter Matrix Reloded in the PS2 CDrom after u retire a monster go to the shrine and say creature a monster and enter Matrix Reloded
    Submitted by None

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