The bad guys in Call of Duty are well-armed, well-trained and well-populated. Judging by the dozens of collectible “enemy intelligence” items scattered about Modern Warfare 2’s battlefields, however, they are also extremely lazy, ridiculously forgetful and sort of stupid.

In total, 45 laptops have been left behind. Want ‘em? Want two extra Achievements or Trophies? Want that 100% complete marker on your main menu screen? Then you’ll need this guide. We’ve spent hours scouring every corner of every mission to bring you the exact locations of every one. Just use the links below to jump to any mission, then follow our screens and videos to grab the intel as quickly and easily as possible.


S.S.D.D. - 1 Intel Item
Team Player - 2 Intel Items
Cliffhanger - 3 Intel Items
Takedown - 4 Intel Items


Wolverines! - 4 Intel Items
The Hornet's Nest - 4 Intel Items
Exodus - 3 Intel Items
The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday - 3 Intel Items


The Gulag - 4 Intel Items
Of Their Own Accord - 2 Intel Items
Contingency - 3 Intel Items
Whiskey Hotel - 2 Intel Items


Loose Ends - 3 Intel Items
The Enemy of My Enemy - 2 Intel Items
Just Like Old Times - 4 Intel Items
Endgame - 1 Intel Item

S.S.D.D. - 1 Intel Item