Lost Planet - special multiplayer demo

It may not be snowing yet where you live, but that doesn't mean you can't have a snowball fight. And if you prefer your whimsical winter wonderlands being pockmarked with blackened rocket blasts and colossal robot footprints, this is one fight you'll definitely want to join.

As we reported earlier, Capcom will give 360 gamers their first freezer burned taste of Lost Planet multiplayer action tomorrow, when they unleash a new playable demo over Xbox Live. If you have an account, the demo and its one map are yours to keep and enjoy. But if you really enjoy it, the publisher will give you access to a second map in return for a small favor - preorder the full game at a local retailer.

But is that extra map worth the commitment, or the trouble?

First things first - download the regular demo. Costing only your time and your 360's storage space, there's no real reason not to. Lost Planet's multiplayer, from what we've experienced, is an easily accessible yet entirely unique good time. The premise of the single player game, which involves an entire menagerie of both insect creatures and back stories, is of no importance here. Like most deathmatchy action, it's all about kill or be killed.

Except in Lost Planet, you don't just kill with guns. You kill with hijackable VS machines that basically function like small war mechs. You kill with plasma rifles twice the size of your own body that must be dragged heavily through the snow. You kill with glowing green frisbees that cut through the crisp air, latching onto - and then vaporizing - whichever unlucky soul gets in their path. Sure, everyone looks a little silly running around with their puffy parkas, fluffy hoods and glowing red eyes, but it all just adds to the bizarre fun. This is not a bad way to spend your Thanksgiving weekend at all, especially if you can't afford current multiplayer monsters Gears of War or Rainbow Six Vegas.


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