No Man's Sky Prisms update is a visual overhaul for the entire galaxy

No Man's Sky
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No Man's Sky Prisms update is a complete visual overhaul for Hello Games' spacefaring adventure, launching today, June 2.

A new trailer shows off the updated graphics in all their glory. Hello Games says it's changed almost every aspect of No Man's Sky's visuals, from the surfaces of the planets to the stars twinkling on the far side of the universe. 

The level of detail on offer is seriously impressive; new weather effects will refract light, creatures will be covered in actual fur, and the sky above you will be dotted with thousands of stars.

More than just a series of visual changes, however, the Prisms update comes with a number of new features, too. Burrow beneath the surface of a planet and you might find new cave biomes lit up by their own unique lighting effects. If you'd rather take to the sky, flying creatures from huge beetles to beautiful butterflies can be tamed as your companions and ridden through the air. And when you blast off to a new system, you'll notice new effects as you start your warp, as well as improved lighting and realistic reflections throughout the interiors of space stations and freighters.

On top of all that, Hello Games is also upgrading Photo Mode to add better depth of field and bloom controls, while players on PS5 and Xbox Series X will have access to more detailed reflections, as well as better lighting and more detail across the galaxy. And if you're playing on PC with a compatible graphics card, not only will your performance not take a hit from these improved visuals, but using DLSS could allow your framerate to double.

Prisms is No Man's Sky's third free update this year, following on from February's Companions update, which allowed you to tame alien creatures, and April's Expeditions, which brought players together to head off across the galaxy on a massive shared adventure. It sounds like fans will continue to be well catered to, as Hello Games has teased even more updates later this year.

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