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Lost Planet 2 guides

Lost Planet 2 Cheats

  • Secret Titles

    BSAA: Have a saved game file from Resident Evil 5.

    Decorated Soldier: Have Lost Planet save data on your hard drive.

    Devil May Cry: Have a saved game file from Devil May Cry 4.

    I Played the Demo: Have Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo save data on your hard drive.

    Legendary Warrior: Have Lost Planet save data on your hard drive.

    Street Fighter: Have a saved game file from Street Fighter 4.
    Submitted by CheatPlanet
  • Slot machine passwords

    Result / Password t-shirt (green): 25060016
    Awesome BLOG t-shirt: 69088873 t-shirt (teal): 88020223
    Famitsu Weekly Magazine t-shirt (red): 73154986
    Weekly Playboy t-shirt (pink): 34297758
    Xbox 360 t-shirt: 943721
    Submitted by nutjob54
  • I've Covered Wars

    Have a save file from dead rising
    Submitted by XxMarossxX

Lost Planet 2 Hints

  • How to Use Any Skin in Single Player

    Beat the game to use any skin in single player.
    Submitted by kittan bachika
  • Faction Class Weapons

    Akrid Launcher: Reach Level 50 with the Snow Pirate Elites.
    Energy Gun SP: achieve career level 70 with Femmes Fatales
    Firecracker: achieve career level 30 with Femmes Fatales
    Gun Sword SP: achieve career level 70 with Rounders
    Hand Cannon SP: achieve career level 50 with Rounders

    Machine Gun SP: Have a saved game file from the Lost Planet 2 demo.

    Plasma Cannon SP: achieve career level 50 with NEVEC

    Plasma Gun SP: achieve career level 30 with NEVEC

    Shotgun SP: achieve career level 50 with Femmes Fatales

    Shuriken: achieve career level 30 with Rounders

    V-Device SP: achieve career level 70 with NEVEC
    Submitted by fireballdann
  • Secret T-shirts

    Entry location: Slot Machine
    Go to the slot machine and enter these codes: Shirt: 25060016

    Black shirt: 63152256

    Blue Shirt: 56428338

    Famitsu Weekly Magazine T-Shirt: 73154986 Shirt: 88020223

    Green shirt with WCP baseball cap t-shirt: 18213092

    Midnight Live 360 Shirt: 69088873

    Monthly GAMEJAPAN shirt: 52352345

    Pink JP playboy shirt: 34297758

    Purple + Tan: 65162980

    Purple shirt with "D" logo and Japanese characters t-shirt: 71556463

    Street Jack 12887439:

    White shirt with blue sleeves with face t-shirt: 26797358

    White shirt with person holding Gatling gun t-shirt: 31354816

    Xbox 360 shirt (male and female): 94372143

    Yellow Shirt: 96725729
    Submitted by Sciencejoe
  • Entry location: Episode 4-3
    To get this achievement, you have to merge two VSs together; yes, it's possible. It can only be done with two specific VSs: the GAN-34 (Blocky enclosed head, wing-like backpack) and the GAB-25M (the spider-like VS that can transform into a tank.) You need two human players for this. First, you must get the GAN-34 from the first area and keep it in good condition until the next area. Then, once you deactivate the first force field, go into the cave to the left of the generator you just used, and there is an unmanned GAB-25M. To merge them, have the GAB-25M in tank mode with the GAN-34 standing behind it. Have both players click in both thumbsticks and push them outward-if done right, the GAN-34 will hover and the back of the GAB-25M will open up. Then you should get a button prompt to Merge. Watch the short animation and the new GAN-34W Brocakti is ready to rock. Also, depending on which VS you used, you will get a new Nom de Guerre under "Play Style".
    Submitted by Pacobell Johan Sebastian Smith
  • Super credits

    Entry location: end of 5-3
    at the end of episode 5-3 when you are supposed to get of the ship don't move. Collect all of the boxes and wait. After a few seconds more of the boxes will appear this happens until the ship blows up so just keep collecting the boxes. When the ship blows up Respawn on your ship to complete the episode.
    *NOTE* you must have at least one data post on your ship activated and you must have a high enough battle gauge to respawn*
    Submitted by MurdocNickalls100
  • Plasma Saber

    When you have the Plasma Gun II, hold down the charge button until it's fully loaded, you'll see a beam coming out of the gun. Press MELEE to slash with the beam.
    Submitted by demigod16

Lost Planet 2 Unlockables

  • Unlockable Character Skins

    Bonus skins Complete the following to unlock new character skins.

    Albert Wesker: Have save data of RE5 or RE5 Gold Edition
    Frank West: Have a saved game file from the original Lost Planet.
    Noms de Guerre: Have a saved game file from Devil May Cry 4.
    Submitted by CheatPlanet
  • Unlockable Weapons

    Fire Cracker: Reach level 30 with Femme fatale

    Machine Gun SP: Have a saved game file from the Lost Planet 2 demo.

    Plasma Gun SP: Get NEVEC Black Ops to Lv.30

    Shotgun SP: Reach level 50 with Femme fatale

    Shuriken: Reach level 30 with rounders
    Submitted by CheatPlanet
  • Extreme Difficulty

    Extreme Difficulty: Complete the game on Hard difficulty
    Submitted by CheatPlanet

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Developed by: Capcom
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