Lost Planet 2 boss guide

T-Eng doesn't come easy. With bands of Snow Pirates and other assorted bandits going to war with skyscrpaer sized monsters for it, you know it's gotta be worth it. Killing the regular sized Akrids isn't a problem, but the Class G ones are a whole different matter. Able to soak up thousands of bullets and smash you in an instant, they're not to be messed with.

Lost Planet 2 isn't always clear on what you need to do to take these giants down, and worst of all, dying against them usually means you'll have to restart the entire level from the beginning. Save yourself the hassle and use our boss guide so you can go into the battle with the intel you need and take them down the first time.

General Tips

Dead weight: Unless you're actuallyplaying with other people, your AI partners are going to be almost totally useless. They'll run around and put on a good show, but you can't control them or get them to do anything substantial. It's best to treat them as distractions for the Class Gs while you do all the heavy lifting.

Big Akrids, big guns: While the smallarms like the machine gunmay be easier to handle, you'll need to use the big guns to shut down the class Gs. Class G Akrids tend to be fairly nimble despite their size, so learn to lead your target by aiming at where they're going to be, not where they are. This usually offsets the slow fire rate of guns like the rocket launcher.

Counter attack: Most Class Gs use huge, sweeping attacks that can be difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. Even so, they usually have big wind up animations letting you know what's coming. If you start focusing heavy fire on a weak point as the Class G is winding up, you can sometimes stagger them during their windup animation, preventing them from attacking.

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