Lost Planet 2 boss guide

It's tough to lose his battle, but things can get annoying if you don't take advantage of the smorgasbord of weaponry around you.

There's Gatling gun you can rip off of the downed VS just next to the building, and a rocket launcher inside a T-ENG chest on the other side of the same building. Aim for the Akrid's glowing orange abdomen while keeping your distance.

Episode 1 Chapter 2 Boss Akrid

Quickly make your way to the raised platform to your right and grapple up there. From here, the Akrid won’t be able to hit you with its ice breath. Shoot at the orange parts of the legs.

Once you blow off a leg, the head will drop to the ground for a precious few seconds. Jump down and shoot the brain point blank with a shotgun, then get back onto the platform. Repeat. You can also destroy the group of small orange legs on the side of the monster’s torso to make him stagger. They take less damage to destroy, but are more difficult to hit.

Eventually the Akrid will destroy the platform. Continue the attack from ground level while constantly moving. If you get frozen, shake the left stick to break free. If you allies get frozen, shoot at them to break them free.

Episode 1 Chapter 3 Boss Akrid

You’ll begin on a high ledge. Survey the area from here first, because once you drop down the Boss will emerge from the water. Make a note of where the data posts and heavy weapons are. You can cause damage to this enemy several ways. Shooting the orange spikes on its back, destroying its legs (they grow back quickly), or by going into its stomach.

The latter is not recommended, as it you need to destroy three legs before the Akrid drops down to the ground and opens its mouth for you. This can be time consuming and frustrating, and damaging the beast from the inside isn’t more effective than any other method.

The best strategy is to get to the high ground, wait for the beast to circle around, and jump on its back. Use a VS if you need to jump higher.