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Lost Planet 2 boss guide

Before the big bad tank shows up you’ll have several enemy VSs to deal with. Feel free to use the shiny new VSs lying around. Jump out if your VS gets damaged and hop into another. The enemy will not target the VSs unless they have pilots.

After destroying enough enemy VSs, the tank will show up. Use the VS rocket launchers do the most damage while staying near cover.

Episode 6 Chapter 3 Boss Akrid

There are two of these snow worms, and neither have a displayed health bar. Your goal is to use the scattered VS weaponry in the area to shoot at the orange nodes along the sides of the worms.

They also have a weak point at inside their mouths so when they open up, fire away. After taking enough damage the worms will simply collapse.

There is a VS with dual Gatling guns buried in the snow. It is under the biggest snow mound in the area. Digging it out and using it makes the fight a lot quicker.

Try to do most of your fighting close to the large orange pools near the ice wall. These are actually T-ENG springs so don’t hesitate to enter. Occasionally the worms will stick straight up and fire out projectiles. Simply keep moving to avoid them. If you stay near the T-ENG pools, you should be completely safe. For some reason, the worms cannot harm you there.

Episode 6 Chapter 4 Boss Akrid

This battle rages on over several areas. You have to wear down the Akrid. If it’s orange and it pulses, blow it up. Note that the machine gun is almost useless from this point forward. Use rockets, shotguns, grenades, and VS weaponry to destroy the Akrid spawn pods to prevent the flow of the smaller, annoying Akrid. Don’t forget that all this orange liquid around you isn’t lava, its T-ENG.

You’ll also need to damage the massive orange orbs that appear periodically. Use rockets and grenades for maximum damage. When it grows a black pupil it is preparing to lob an explosive fireball that kills instantly. Avoid it by sprinting in any direction.

Eventually you’ll reach a rather enclosed area with spawn pods on the walls and two massive orbs, one on each end of the T-ENG river. Take out as many spawn pods as you can first, then focus all your energy on one orb at a time. Keep an eye on both orbs in order to avoid their fireballs. The pile bunker at point blank range works well here.

The next area is a large circular arena with enormous pulsing columns in the middle. They’ll rain down fireballs so make sure to sprint when you see them coming. Choose one of the writhing columns and use rockets to damage it.

Eventually it will grow a black head and drop to the ground. Run up to it and press ‘B’ to place attach the GPS unit. The space cannon will take care of the rest. Bide your time until the final scene.