Kristen Stewart talks Snow White And The Huntsman




Total Film has been on set of Snow White And The Huntsman to get the lowdown on the latest incarnation of the classic tale.

We chatted to star Kristen Stewart, who told us about her experience playing the fairytale lead.

“Getting the crap kicked out of me by Charlize [ Theron ]? It’s been good. She’s not afraid to take a hit. And she keeps telling me to hit her harder. We’re similar in that we shut off when the cameras start rolling.

“I think she hit my stunt double today. Not to blow her cover, but we both go into a zone and it gets fairly dangerous.”

And from what Stewart told us, this’ll be a very different interpretation of the heroine from the one we’ve seen in the Disney movie.

“She’s the essential leader. The definition of a hero… so many of our heroes are assholes. They find pleasure in hurting people. She doesn’t. Yet she can seriously take care of business.”

And in terms of the physicality of the role, it sounds worlds away from The Twilight Saga ’s damsel-in-distress, Bella Swan: “It’s definitely the most action I’ve ever had to do.”

Snow White And The Huntsman opens on 1 June 2012.

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