James Gray finds his new Joaquin

James Gray will collaborate with Tell No On e helmer Guillame Carnet on the Gallic director's first English language project, Rivals .

Penned by both Gray and Canet, the script is based loosely on Jacques Mailot's 2008 drama Les Liens du sang , which starred Canet and Francois Cluzet as brothers on different sides of the law.

Canet, who directed, produced and performed in Tell No One , will also co-produce the feature, which will be financed and sold internationally by StudioCanal.

cannes 2010

Though a loose adaptation rather than a remake, Rivals will follow the same plotline as Les Liens..., but with the action transferred from Lyon to Philadelphia.

Canet has recently finished directing Marion Cotillard in French dramedy Little White Lies.

What do you reckon to this coupling?