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New Star Wars: The Last Jedi spot confirms Luke’s history with Kylo, deepens Rey’s mysterious past

We’ve almost reached peak Star Wars: The Last Jedi (opens in new tab). But just when you thought you’d seen every last trailer and morsel of information something new – something very interesting – crops up. There are a few fresh scenes sprinkled about in the new TV spot, and they nearly all have to do with Luke in some way.

“You’ve seen this place?” queries Luke, in a wispy, wonderful, very Star Wars-y opening to the spot. Rey, of course, has had her share of visions and replies: “Only in dreams.” It’s very real now for Rey…

And then the stinger: Luke asks (we assume) Rey: “Who are you?” You and me both, pal. We all want to know. Something tells me we’ll find out very, very soon, though.

The spot is wise to centre around Rey and Luke’s relationship – and the Jedi Master’s dalliance with The Dark Side. Rey even goes as far to mention that she won’t let Luke down in the same way that Kylo Ren did. Welp. That confirms that. It’s long been touted that Kylo was trained by Luke which (obviously) led to some sort of betrayal, hence the hermit life and long robes. Having your heart broken will do that to a man.

Elsewhere, Rey says she sees “Light… and darkness.” At this point, each teaser should come with a health warning. I won’t be able to cope with Rey going over to The Dark side, even if she does seem very committed to not following the path Kylo went down.

What do you make of the TV spot? Let us know in the comments! For more Star Wars: The Last Jedi goodness, check out why Rey doesn’t really care about Porgs (opens in new tab). She’s definitely evil, right?

Image: Lucasfilm

Bradley Russell
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