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Hiite Utaeru DS Guitar M-06 [import] review

Touch us and we will sing


  • Guitar for lazy people
  • Touch screen use is amazing
  • You get what you put in


  • Not much more to it
  • Graphics are pretty lame
  • You get what you put in

For those of us cursed with inflexible, fat digits and the rhythm of an incontinent dancer, it%26rsquo;s frustrating to see the effortless ability of guitarists slouched on park benches strumming out heartfelt melodies with the lightest of touches. Instead we%26rsquo;re banished to a world of violins/trumpets/ocarinas, none of which get you much cred when whipped out at a party. With DS Guitar M-06 this all changes.

More Info

DescriptionDoing what it says on the box, this is a guitar, on your DS. Nothing more and actually quite a lot less.