GTA IV: Complete Pigeon Guide

Find and obliterate every winged rat with our maps and videos

Algonquin cont...

141 - The Statue Of Happiness' left hand

142 - The Statue Of Happiness' right hand

143 - The Statue Of Happiness' chest

144 - On the rim of the Statue Of Happiness' coffee cup


Watch the movie below to see flying rats 145-200 get blasted.

145 - On a low wall inside the remains of an old building

146 - On the portakabin roof, in front of the Cluckin' Bell

147 - Get on the roof of the 'Lennies Fireproof Doors' building. The pigeon is perched on an air-con unit

148 - At the edge of the dock, perched on the mooring post

149 - In the small tunnel, sitting on the rail tracks

150 - On the cabin roof of the half-sunk boat

151 - Opposite the crane at the end of the dock, on top of the blue storage container

152 - Sitting on the warehouse with the corrugated roof

153 - On the freeway support girders. Snipe it from the nearby diner's rooftop

154 - On one of the pipes at the 'Globe Oil' plant

155 - On the freeway's central barrier

156 - Perched on the first floor balcony of the apartment building

157 - Edge of the pathway, adjacent to the water

158 - Climb on to the elevated LCPA cabin roof from the freeway ramp. Look over the edge, down to the water and you'll spot the pigeon sitting on the ledge below

159 - Near the alley, sitting on the corner of the brick wall

160 - On the overhang above the roller shutter door of the 'Auto Parts' building

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