Grand Theft Auto 4 complete Pigeon location guide

Find and obliterate every winged rat with our maps and videos

Alderney (continued)

173 - Outside the basement window of one of the apartments buildings

174 - Opposite the Sprunk billboard, on top of the maintenance box

175 - Right on the corner, at the top of the slope

176 - In some bushes, below the Cluckin' Bell billboard

177 - Near the 'Port Tudor' sign, on the wall behind the propeller sculpture

178 - On the wall above the Booth Tunnel

179 - Under the stairs, beside the boardwalk and near the life ring

180 - Under the wooden ramp, by the water's edge

181 - Opposite the 'Liberty Rock' billboard, on a low wall

182 - On the low wall of the 'Kakagawa' building

183 - Behind the iron fence near the steps of the large building with the pillars

184 - On the sidewalk wall of the bridge, opposite the 'Fan Dang' billboard

185 - On the wall, elevated above street level, near the potted tree

186 - On the gantry below the 'Science of Crime' billboard

187 - On the balcony wall, below the red awning of 'Mr Fuk's'

188 - Opposite 'Mr Fuk's', on the corner of the rooftop of the building that's for sale

189 - On the grass, near the large apartment building

190 - Beside the hospital entrance

191 - Below the fire escape ladder, sitting on the deli building's air-con unit

192 - On the wall next to the sidewalk

193 - On the fence surrounding the mansion's swimming pool

194 - On the grass slope between the main road and the dirt track

195 - On the lawn beside the LCPD station

196 - Get on the rooftop opposite the 'Checkout!' sign. The pigeon is sitting between the water towers on the far roof

197 - Below the overpass

198 - In the backyard of the brick house, on the wall of the steps

199 - On the rooftop of the 'Gaulle Jewellery' shop

200 - On a low roof adjacent to the freeway ramp

At this point you should earn the Endangered Species trophy/achievement for 'collecting' every 'hidden package' in the game - congratulations!

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