Grand Theft Auto 4 complete Pigeon location guide

Broker and Dukes (continued)

025 - Take the stairs (opposite the 'Candy & Grocery' store) up to Huntington St station and look on the roof behind the row of three ticket machines

026 - Located on the rooftop of the apartment building opposite Lynch Street station. To reach it, look for the arch over the road (Ellery St) that connects the station and apartment building rooftops - climb across this from the station side. You'll find the pigeon by the doorway near the water tower

027 - Near the 'Car Wash & Lube' building, under the elevated subway track on an overhead girder

028 - On a post near the Francis International Airport's toll entrance

029 - Inside a circular hollow of the main airport terminal building, adjacent to the entrance. To get a clear shot at it, use the stairs near the parking lot and get up to the platform of the train station that's opposite the terminal building. Cross the tracks and walk until you can get a clear shot with the sniper rifle

030 - Land a helicopter on the top tier of the control tower. The pigeon is perched on the railing

031 - Located on the rooftop between the two 'FlyUS' buildings. To access the rooftop, use the stairs from the airport terminal parking lot and get up to the platform of the train station that's opposite the terminal building. Follow the train tracks and jump on to the 'FlyUS' building rooftop. The pigeon is hiding between the air-con units on the flat roof

032 - On the railing of the mini-hydro station

033 - Above the doorway of the apartment building with the green awning

034 - Inside the old circus ring (you can get in through the yellow doors), in one of the doorway alcoves

035 - At the base of the statue between the two fountain pools

036 - Enter the building with the red flowers outside and climb the stairs to the rooftop. Climb the steep pitched roofs to the flat roof. The pigeon is on the chimney

037 - Land a helicopter on the roof of the NUCA building. The pigeon is in the tower on the corner of the roof

038 - Perched on the corner of a wooden fence in the alleyway

039 - In the underpass that leads between Steinway Park and Dukes Park

040 - In the Steinway Park outdoor swimming pool, at the top of the diving board

041 - In a tree on the corner, near the basketball court

042 - On an overhead beam of the train station platform's roof

043 - Under the makeshift jump on the corner of the road

044 - By the side of the road, behind some bushes and perched on a rock

045 - On the lower part of the cemetery path, perched on top of the tomb with the pitched roof

046 - On the children's climbing frame

047 - On top of the wall beside the road

048 - Near pigeon 47, on the sidewalk by the tree

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