GR’s Weekend Giveaway: FREE Mafia II copies and t-shirts

On the fence about Mafia II? Don’t be. The story-driven open world drama was great. That’s why we’re excited to give you the chance to win a free copy of the game and some mob-tastic t-shirts.

Above: The grand prize winner will receive a fresh copy of Mafia II for the platform of his/her choice. Note that the PC version is the special edition of the game

Above: We've also got a bunch of Mafia II t-shirts to giveaway

To enter, just leave a comment on this article by 9:00 am (Pacific Time) on Tuesday, September 7. One grand prize winner will receive a copy of Mafia II for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC and a Mafia II t-shirt. Five runners-up will receive a Mafia II t-shirt.

Winners can expect to be contacted with a PM from one of our administrators so that we can get your mailing address.

You can read our official contest rules here.

Good luck!

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Sep 5, 2010

Mafia II – super review
Two 1950s gangsters and a whole city to conquer. What could possibly go wrong?

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  • philipshaw - September 8, 2010 11:08 a.m.

    Game seems good enough,give me a free copy GR
  • 435 - September 8, 2010 9:31 a.m.

    Missed on this due to Enforcing PAX. Good luck to all who got in!
  • Gamer5005 - September 8, 2010 12:35 a.m.

    Doh, 9am. Oh well.
  • Gamer5005 - September 8, 2010 12:34 a.m.

    I liked the demo, and this finally got me to sign up for an account. Thanks
  • DrBlue - September 7, 2010 4:23 p.m.

    Hi (maybe a little late now) :)
  • DrPepperGetsAllTheDLC - September 7, 2010 4:12 p.m.

    Holllyyy crap hope I'm not too late
  • Shadowthrone - September 7, 2010 4:06 p.m.

    Yes please!
  • NuQLER - September 7, 2010 2:54 p.m.

    yes, please. clearly, i am the winner. make haste w/ my prizes, thank you.
  • commie - September 7, 2010 2:44 p.m.

    Oooo pick me pick me!
  • adertysohck - September 7, 2010 2:01 p.m.

    Hope I win the xbox one!
  • courage14 - September 7, 2010 1:26 p.m.

    I've been waiting for this game for months. Definitely want.
  • CrouchingHobo - September 7, 2010 6:52 a.m.

    This is a comment!
  • Sala106 - September 7, 2010 5 a.m.

    Hey id really like a Shirt or a copy of the game...or something Come on guys i stayed up and wide awake waiting for 12 o' clock just to comment here hoping that i would win something i know its not 9 am yet but i cant log on my schools computers and type this comment in because this site is blocked for some reason if it wasn't blocked i would definitely write a comment here exactly on 9:00 but i cant
  • TheSugarRay - September 7, 2010 4:30 a.m.

    If I'm given the game I won't have to wait for it to be cut down to thirty dollars.
  • crabbo - September 7, 2010 4:19 a.m.

    Tyler, you're a good kid, I've been good to you, you've been good to me. But there's something really unreasonable going on here. I want this copy of Mafia 2. And you're giving it out to anybody? You should be sorry. Don't fuckin do it again and give me the money. Give me the fuckin game, You hear me? You hear me, I gotta come here and you bust my balls?.Give me the fuckin game!
  • Noface42 - September 7, 2010 4:05 a.m.

  • fierce99x - September 7, 2010 3:39 a.m.

    Never played the first Mafia but from the demo and online youtube "lets plays", seems like a perfect game. Though the driving was a bit iffy in the demo, and my PC could barely handle it, the voice acting was magnificent.
  • Ddeven08 - September 7, 2010 3:28 a.m.

  • SoberWolf233 - September 7, 2010 2:23 a.m.

    Can i have it???
  • sbghost64 - September 7, 2010 2:18 a.m.

    im makin you an offer you can't refuse..... please give me the game or i'll cry. and don't think i won't do it.

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