Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tags location guide

Tag 36: On a wall of the middle building in the cluster of three small buildings.

Tag 37: On the west side of one of the houses.

Tag 38: Done in the mission: “Tagging Up Turf.”

Tag 39: Done in the mission: “Tagging Up Turf.”

Tag 40: Done in the mission: “Tagging Up Turf.”

Tag 41: On a wall at the motel.

Tag 42: North side of the western building.

Tag 43: On the north face of a wall near the street ramp.

Tag 44: On the highway ramp.

Tag 45: On one of the houses.

Tag 46: Under the tunnel, near the pond.

Tag 47: In an alley.

Tag 48: On the northern fence in the skate park.

Tag 49: Hidden by some bushes near the eastern wall of the building.

Tag 50: Under a carport attached to a purple house.

Tag 51: Underneath the overhang of the church.

Tag 52: On a fence near a large garage.

Tag 53: On the north side of the L-shaped building.

Tag 54: Underneath the staircase on the south side of the building.

Tag 55: In an alley between two houses.

Tag 56: In an alley that slopes upward between two houses.

Tag 57: On a wall near two trees and a ramp.

Tag 58: North end of the house.

Tag 59: Near the train tracks.

Tag 60: In an underground parking garage.