Grand Theft Auto IV: Strategy Headquarters

With Spoilers

Our massive, comprehensive guide to finishing GTA IV as quickly and easily as possible.
All the story missions are explained, from very beginning to very end, so beware.

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Spoiler Free

The same expert strategy and analysis as our full walkthrough... mercifully removed of twists, turns and revelations. We've even erased character names for your protection.

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Pigeons (All 200!)

Hidden packages. Tiki statues. Oysters, horseshoes and graffiti tags. Now it's all about tracking down the "flying rats." Get our complete guide to collecting (aka, shooting) every last one.

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Unique Stunt Jumps (All 50!)

Looking for the ultimate thrill? Use our videos to experience every unique stunt jump in Liberty City. If you want Achievements and 100%, this is a must.

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Beat the Toughest Missions

If you're stuck, you're probably stuck on one of these. Don't worry - our life-saving tips and tricks for GTA IV's bitchiest missions will see you through.

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Want access to every secret collectible in GTA IV? We've captured the location maps for hidden weapons, armor, vehicles, pigeons, stunt jumps and more. Your journey to 100% begins with these.

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Finding all the flying rats or stunt jumps is cool, but the real holy grails of GTA IV are these Easter eggs, deliberately scattered throughout the game for eagle-eyed fans to uncover. 

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The best stuff is saved for the end of the game... but where's the fun in that? We show you how to spawn helicopters, sports cars, speed boats, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, health packs and more whenever you want.

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Go beyond the codes with CheatPlanet. We've got hints, tips, glitches and the full list of 360 Achievements. If you've found something new or cool in the game, this is THE place to share it with the world. Submit your cheats and advice now!

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