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The Top 7... GTA IV Easter eggs (so far)

It's only been a week sinceGrand Theft Auto IVshipped, and already, lots of gamers have switched their attention from completing the game's missions to ferreting out its many hidden secrets. And while finding all the flying rats or stunt jumps is cool, the real holy grails for secret-hunters are the Easter eggs deliberately scattered throughout the game for eagle-eyed fans to uncover.

We're sure there's still a lot left to be found in the dank corners and high-rise roofs of the new, ridiculously detailed Liberty City, but already an impressive amount of stuff has been discovered. Here's the best of what's been unearthed so far:

We're not even sure if this really qualifies as an "Easter egg" per se,but it's always in the same place and it's creepy as hell, so in it goes. You can find this stroller abandoned on a sandy hillside just southwest of Francis International Airport, and while it looks like just another piece of garbage cluttering up the game world, it's actually a lot more ominous than that.

Think about it: have you ever seen a kid in a GTA game? No, you haven't. In fact, with the exception of Louise's baby in Vice City Stories (who doesn't count, because she only shows up in cutscenes) anda few radio bits, there's never even been evidence of kids in the GTA world.

Or there wasn't until we saw this stroller, anyway, which sits alone, parked on a hillside in more or less pristine condition, with no parents or baby in sight. Just a rusted-out car and some big, dangerous-looking rocks. If you stop to think about it, this one lonely object tells a whole sordid story.

And then there's this:

Eerie, huh? Remind us to go back there on a dark, moonless night sometime. Meanwhile, you can find it at the red dot on this map: