The Top 7... GTA IV Easter eggs (so far)

Normally, you'll only get access to this website by checking your in-game email after finishing GTA IV's story missions - but technically, you can go there at any time before then, making this the most useful "Easter egg" in the game. Once you get access to the in-game internet, just hit up, and you'll get access to maps detailing where to find every stunt jump, health pack and diseased pigeon in the game, among other thins. This one doesn't offer the same thrill of discovery as the other Easter eggs we've discussed so far, but then those won't help you unlock any Achievements, will they?

Above: Sick of finding things on your own? The game provides its own handy cheat-sheet.

When we first learned that you couldn't just walk up into the Statue of Happiness (GTA IV's version of the Statue of Liberty) and peer out from her crown, we were devastated… until we found out what was really in there. To see Lady Happiness' innermost secret for yourself, just hop inside a helicopter and fly out to Happiness Island. Once there, hover by her feet and bail out onto the normally inaccessible platform that supports them. Walk around the base, and you should see a sign that says "No Hidden Content this way:"

That's a dead giveaway right there. Walk through the door and you'll see a ladder. Climb it all the way to the top, and you'll be confronted with this massive, chained, beating heart:

Never mind the silly sweatshirt you can get by just strolling up to the top of the statue'sbase - this isGrand Theft Auto IV's biggest and best secret (so far, at least). To see it in action, just check out this video:

May 5, 2008

Mikel Reparaz
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