Here's what we learned about Battlefield 1's The Runner mission before EA yanked the video

Some leaked Battlefield 1 gameplay of "The Runner" mission found its way onto YouTube (from a streamer, to VG247's Turkey outlet , to another YouTuber who gave it some minor edits for length) and now EA has pulled it down. Fortunately I was already working on a series of gifs to show you some new details about the mission, and those remain!

First up, a little primer: The Runner is one of several single-player missions for Battlefield 1. This one follows two Australian scouts assisting with the British Empire's Gallipoli Landing forces. Now here are the interesting bits I managed to grab:

You'll need to capture and hold points just like in multiplayer

It tells you "War is Hell" between all the fun shooty bits

You'll swap between different characters even in the missions themselves

And then EA pulled down the video

As for the spaces between, it resembled a standard Battlefield multiplayer match: lots of scouting ahead, picking off enemies from afar, feeling a bit lost and then dying. Aside from the cutscenes, it was less cinematically crafted than the Storm of Steel prologue mission - which isn't a complaint. We'll see how all these war stories shake out when Battlefield 1 is released on October 21.

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