Watch the first 12 minutes of the Battlefield 1 single-player campaign

Battlefield 1 makes World War 1 feel like a grand old time, what with its intense multiplayer action and infinitely respawning soldiers. But reality was not so kind, and the horrors of war are in full display in the game's single-player mode. YouTuber Westie has captured and shared the first 12 minutes of the campaign; a prologue mission called Storm of Steel that teaches you the basics of movement, combat, and vehicles.

It's beautiful, no doubt - the effects and details are outstanding, with sweat, grime, and fire all making the scene feel dramatic and real - but it's also quite haunting. As the opening states, you are not expected to survive, and the overwhelming sense of death is palpable. Hell, you're sometimes running directly over piles of corpses, and the shot near the end feels like something more out of Dark Souls than a history textbook.

Battlefield 1 can make war look remarkable, but it can't make it look pretty.

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Sam Prell

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