God of War II strategy guide

VII.The Underworld
You're down but not out, clinging to the walls of the earth's crust. Use sideways hacks and throws to clear the hands, and make your way to the surface.

Now you're on the flying horse, but there's griffon-shaped turbulence ahead. Attack enemies by slamming them with your steed (L1 and R1), or by using Square and Triangle. It's easier to use Kratos' attacks, and then jump aboard using Circle and take them down with a Quicktime sequence.

IX. Lair of the Titan
Once the enemies stop coming, you'll fly into Typhon's cave. Wait for Pegasus to get trapped, and you'll jump off. You'll be attacked by a few bats, so kill them and jump down to the right. Here you'll find chests containing red orbs and a Gorgon's eye. Climb back up and head left, bashing the giant fingers aside as you go. Climb up and round the wall, killing the enemies as you go, and jump down. You can save here, before heading into the cave. When you get to the first chasm break the box on the chain and use it to slide down. Now you'll head outside, where you'll be attacked by some archers and Minotaurs. Kill them and climb the cliff face, where you'll come across another chain to be slid down. You'll see Prometheus being mauled by a giant bird. Walk up to him and chat, then break his chains and slide down next to him.

He's hovering over the fire, but don't worry about him now - you can deal with him later. Run to the next climbable wall and shimmy down. You'll be attacked here, and after that, you'll be able to save your game again. There's a chest with a Gorgon eye here, so grab that and then head up the wall nearby. You're in another cave now, and the first thing you'll encounter is a set of three Gorgons. To kill them, keep moving and avoid their stares, because if you're hit when you're petrified you'll instantly die.