First trailer for Marvel's The Defenders teases a heroic team-up

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Next year will finally see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist unite for The Defenders, an Avengers-esque superhero team-up set in Marvel's Television universe. A teaser trailer for the miniseries debuted during the Luke Cage panel at San Diego Comic Con, and you can check it out below...

That voice we hear at the end of the trailer is Scott Glenn's Stick, who we've seen in both seasons of Daredevil. That makes me think that the bad guys our heroes will be going up against will be The Hand, who may or may not be led by a resurrected Elektra. But that's just speculation for now...

Marvel also showed a sizzle reel featuring various clips of their small-screen heroes, which included some fresh bone-breaking footage from Luke Cage (skip to 0:49 to find out what I mean. You won't regret it.)...

Images: Marvel/Netflix

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