First clip from The Bourne Legacy: watch now

The Bourne Legacy has released a first official clip online, in which Jeremy Renner shows that he's more than a match for Matt Damon in the running, jumping and arse-kicking stakes.

Renner plays "outcome agent" Aaron Cross, a genetically modified fighting machine created by the same shadowy government types who brainwashed Jason Bourne. And just like Bourne, he doesn't stay on their team for very long…

The new clip shows Cross on the run from the police, making his escape across a series of rooftops before dropping into a cramped alleyway to rescue love interest, Rachel Weisz.

Take a look at the new clip, below…

Roof-running has become a staple of any Bourne action sequence worth its salt, but the sudden drop from high is almost Batman-esque in it sense of daring! Meanwhile, anyone doubting Renner's ability to fill Damon's shoes should be suitably reassured by his face-crushing fight skills…

Directed by Tony Gilroy and co-starring Edward Norton, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Albert Finney, The Bourne Legacy opens in the UK on 13 August 2012. Expect it to be the most bruising blockbuster of the summer.


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