EXCLUSIVE Godzilla: Unleashed videos

Oct. 9, 2007

Holy crap! We didn't even have time to fortify our homes and get our pets indoors before these towering colossi of aggression came town to turn our buildings into jelly.

In these two exclusive videos you'll get to see the stars of the upcoming Godzilla: Unleashed, for PS2 and Wii, pound the snot out of one another with very little regard for the fruits of human civilization. Just look at how Jet Jaguar shrugs off a jet plane's missile attack with all the nonchalance of an ex-girlfriend ignoring a drunken 2am phone call.

This is what it looks like when decades collide, as both vids feature monsters of old and beasties designed exclusively for the game. The first is a rumble between the people's champion Jet Jaguar and the Krystalak the bejeweled hedgehog, while the second round is pits iron-balled Mechagodzilla against pyroclastic hellion Obsidius. And by popular (inner office) demand, the third embed is the seventies-tastic Jet Jaguar fight song. You're welcome.


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