Epic Mickey - gameplay revealed

Your first glimpse at the heroic mouse in motion

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Gee whiz, ya%26rsquo;ll! I sure hope we haven%26rsquo;t exhausted you with our (my) glowing Epic Mickey coverage as of late, because here%26rsquo;s a wonderful little video showing off exactly what we saw at E3. We know many of are none too happy about the game%26rsquo;s Wii exclusivity, but take a look and you%26rsquo;ll find a smoother framerate than you might%26rsquo;ve expected, as well as some above-and-beyond Wii texturing, on par with the likes of Mario Galaxy. Oh, and you%26rsquo;ll finally get to see Mickey%26rsquo;s power of life-restoring paint and environment-evaporating thinner in all its animated glory!

Best of all, you also get a glimpse at one of the Travel stages in motion. It doesn%26rsquo;t take a cartoon scholar to note that it%26rsquo;s Steamboat Willie themed, but you can now hear exactly how Warren Spector and his team have remixed music dating back to 1928 into hauntingly ideal sidescroller accompaniment. Peep this:

I%26rsquo;ll spare you the longwinded Disneyana dork-out in favor of links to recent coverage:

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Jun 23, 2010


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