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E3 2010 Epic Mickey - developer interview

Look: It’s my bloated, uncomfortable mug on camera, so I don’t really care if you think the following interview lacks in hard-hitting professionalism. For an unabashed animation nerd like me, Epic Mickey cast such a colossal shadow over everything else at E3 showfloor, I’m not sure I saw anything else underneath the silhouette of two round ears.

OMG Playable Disneyana! Upon learning a level took place on the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, a Disneyland attraction that was re-skinned with Tarzan over 10 years ago, I was already fighting back a sweaty geekgasm through which journalistic integrity could never survive. [Source]

But if I had to apologize to anybody, it’d be Jonathan Price, Senior Environment Artist on Epic Mickey. After all, he was nice enough to appear on camera for an impromptu back-and-forth. Little did he know he’d be bombarded with questions involving shuttered theme-park attractions and forgotten cartoon minutia the team was not ready to reveal. Feast upon my bias with your eyes AND ears, fellow man-children:

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Jun 22, 2010