E3 2012: The show's 5 most explodingest explosions reviewed and rated


Watch Dogs

Ubisoft's suspiciously next-gen-looking technology fest has a corker of an explosion in it. As lead man Aidan has a gunfight by the wreckage from the car crash that he deliberately caused (not even hinting at feeling sorry for the guy whose wife got killed as a result), a gas station ignites.

Above: There she blows!

Above: S*** that's a big one...

Above: That can't be current-gen - I've fallen over in disbelief

Above: You're only supposed to blow the bloody hood off


Stuff thrown around: Tyres and debris
Size of explosion:
Gas station sized
Several seconds
Effect on surroundings: Considerable shockwave
If it was a song: Gas Panic!
Verdict: The next generation of explosions


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