E3 07: The "real" people at the Microsoft conference

Who are the hosts and what are they like? We get chatting...

We seemed to be speaking to Alba for ten minutes or so, but we only asked her five half-decent questions. She was very pretty and we inevitably got flustered and started saying stupid stuff like "Isn't the sky a beautiful purple tonight - what's your favorite color sky?" Under normal circumstances we wouldn't run a transcript of such rudimentary dialogue, but we needed to put something with her picture. Alba also had a Scandinavian accent (we think), so she was super cool.

You're a lady. Do you play games?
I like adventure games, but I really play because of my husband. He plays GTA. He plays Halo. I play Xbox. We don't have a 360 yet, but we're getting a Wii next because it looks really neat. My husband wants a 360, though.

Do you think gaming is for nerds?
I think a lot of people pre-judge gaming in a bad way, but once you see the size of the industry and what it has become people are starting to respect it a lot more.

Do you have girlfriends that play?
Not really, although I have a couple of friends whose husbands work in the industry, so...

Is this the first year you've been a host at a gaming event?
No I worked at E3 last year for Microsoft and it was awesome. I prefer it when it's a bit busier - I like the crowds.

Above: Much prettier than Peter Moore. We're glad we stayed outside