E3 07: The "real" people at the Microsoft conference

We seemed to be speaking to Alba for ten minutes or so, but we only asked her five half-decent questions. She was very pretty and we inevitably got flustered and started saying stupid stuff like "Isn't the sky a beautiful purple tonight - what's your favorite color sky?" Under normal circumstances we wouldn't run a transcript of such rudimentary dialogue, but we needed to put something with her picture. Alba also had a Scandinavian accent (we think), so she was super cool.

You're a lady. Do you play games?
I like adventure games, but I really play because of my husband. He plays GTA. He plays Halo. I play Xbox. We don't have a 360 yet, but we're getting a Wii next because it looks really neat. My husband wants a 360, though.

Do you think gaming is for nerds?
I think a lot of people pre-judge gaming in a bad way, but once you see the size of the industry and what it has become people are starting to respect it a lot more.

Do you have girlfriends that play?
Not really, although I have a couple of friends whose husbands work in the industry, so...

Is this the first year you've been a host at a gaming event?
No I worked at E3 last year for Microsoft and it was awesome. I prefer it when it's a bit busier - I like the crowds.

Above: Much prettier than Peter Moore. We're glad we stayed outside