E3 07: The "real" people at the Microsoft conference

Jessica and Cindy
When we reach "full maturity" we hope we'll be like Jessica and Cindy. We'd much rather be out in the thick of the action, earning some extra bucks instead of sitting at home watching endless repeats of repeats on TV. We hope they put the money they earn from the Microsoft gig to buy a Wii. We know they'd love it.

What do you think about videogames?
Jessica: I get a little concerned about the violence that I hear about. I don't really see it, though, because I'm not around them.
Cindy: I have mixed opinions on videogames. I think that if it's responsible people that still have jobs and don't deprive their families of things that their families should have in order to pay for their videogames, then I think it's fine. I think if they're irresponsible then it's not fine.

That's pretty heavy... Can you name any of the videogame consoles that are around right now?
Jessica: Well, there's the Xbox.

Good answer. Anymore?
Cindy: I know the Nintendo Wii.
Jessica: One of the other companies just came out with a new game. Was it Nintendo? See I don't pay much attention, because I don't play them.

Above: Why are older women, like Jessica (left) andCindy (right) much more willing to talk to us?